Ceiling Fan​

Selecting Your Ceiling Fan Many ceiling fans to choose from. Much like selecting your clothes, you are likely the best person to choose which ceiling fan is best for you, in terms of color and style. In most cases you don’t want your electrician, electrical contractor making this choose for you. Possibly the best way to choose a ceiling fan is to look at many fans till you find the one you like the best. Both Home Depot and Lowe's have pretty good stock of ceiling fans to choose from. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, you could try online. But remember it is often far…

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Remodel​, Planning, Scheduling

Planning and scheduling are very important. Are you thinking of doing a remodel? There are many types of remodels you may need an electrician, electrical contractor for. The following is about kitchen remodels, but other remodels would need similar planning etc. with an electrician or electrical contractor.        Kitchen electrical plans. Kitchen remodel and planning/scheduling. When doing a kitchen remodel, it is important to do things in the proper sequence. For example, you would not put in the new cabinets and then have your electrician, electrical contractor, try to put in extra plugs, under cabinet lighting, etc.  If you are replacing the existing counters and cabinets, the time to have the…

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Large Projects

Large Electrical Projects Larger Kitchen RemodelBy the electrical contractor, electrician. Larger kitchen remodels. This would include kitchens that need, new circuits for additional appliances, additional countertop plugs. Removing existing wiring, plugs and lights etc. Often a larger electrical project will include needing the electrician to run power to a new island. The electrician would also need to get electrical to a range hood. A wall might be cut to open a view to the outside or inside. This could require moving or deleting wiring. Larger kitchen remodels require more planning and coordination. There are many types of larger remodels. Large projects require either more time and or for the electrical…

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Small Projects

Small electrical projects are more numerous than large ones. At your house is there a small electrical project you are thinking about? Need to add an electrical outlet, perhaps for a microwave or outside or in the garage? Need more ceiling lighting in a room? Recessed lighting can add value and enjoyment to your home. Replace a broken plug? These are small jobs. Even bathroom or kitchen remodels usually fall into the category of small jobs. If you have a small electrical project and an need electrician, electrical contractor, give us a call. Chris will take your call and address any questions you might have.

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Trouble shooting: This means finding the cause of electrical problems. This could be a plug not working. Lights not working. Switches that don’t seem to work properly. Just about any electrical problem that isn’t obvious will need trouble shooting. Finding electrical problems, the cause of which is not obvious, is a skill of its own. I have seen electricians who were good at many aspects of electrical installation who were not good at trouble shooting. As an electrical contractor, electrician, I have over 30 years doing electrical work and finding the cause, trouble shooting, electrical problems. If you have an electrical problem, give Chris a call. With some problems she…

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