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Electrician taking health precautions, mask and gloves.

Health Precautions

Tips Health Precautions – Electricians and Electrical Contractors .


As an electrician, electrical contractor, I thought to do a short blog on some of the precautions I and my electrical company have been taking for long time .

When working around customers I have been wearing my mask, and if I think we will be touching the same things I will also wear gloves.

When buying materials, I also wear mask and gloves.

Social distancing can provide challenges. Once I said to a customer, “I hate to be rude, but can I ask you to stay 6 feet away.” He had been standing close, thinking that I might need his help moving his oven. He graciously moved back. Social distancing can provide challenges when working in someone’s house, but if we work on it together…

My wife, the office manager of our electrical contracting company, will ask if there is illness in a house before deciding to schedule work there.

As your electrician I will work with you to help us all stay healthy.


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