Electrical Service

Panel Upgrade:

Fuses to breakers, larger panels, insurance compliance

Trouble Shooting:

Lights, plugs, not working? Other electrical problems? We have over 30 years of experience solving electrical problems both Residential and Commercial

Small Projects:

Add a plug, change out a light or fan. Broken plug need replacing? Indoor to outdoor plug, add or change out a plug to GFCI etc

Large Projects:

Commercial and Residential. Larger remodel, Larger kitchen remodel


Remodel kitchen, remodel bathroom, room upgrade, house, business etc.

Ceiling Fan:

New location, with or without additional switch

Bathroom Exhaust Fan:

Installation of bathroom exhaust fan


Commercial or Residential lighting design and installation for both interior & exterior

Old Wiring:

Wiring of existing business or home


Spa, hot tub, swimming pool electrical hookup

Repair Work:

Correcting existing electrical issues, solving electrical problems


Aluminum wire, compatible with Citizen Insurance requirement

Speciality Switches:

Switches and Plugs. Innovative Lighting Controls & Charging Solutions

We coordinate directly with our customers and provide excellent communication skills to keep you informed along the way and answer any questions you may have.

Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

Here are a few examples of our electrical panel upgrades.

Main Outdoor Electrical Panel Upgrade. Meter Upgrade

Outdoor Electrical Panel Upgrade


The third panel on the right had never been permitted. Wires above the electrical panels are exposed to damage.


Electrical Panel Change Out

Research was done. A copy of the original permit was found with the County. The 3 electrical panels were replaced with the 2 electrical panels above.

The wires were protected, and of course, inspection passed, as with all panels above.

Tankless Water Heater Electrical Installation

Two Small Indoor Electrical Panels


Old electrical panel, not enough room for more circuits, too many wires in small space, and corrosion.


Outdoor Panel Upgrade

New larger electircal panel. Much safer.

Home owner can now add circuits to kitchen and other electrical that could not be done before.

Electrical Contractor Service

We provide a wide range of electrical services, both large and small. If you are searching for an electrician who will work with you on your project, you have found the right place.

With years of experience, our team at Montgomery Electric, is uniquely suited to provide our customers with a personalized and professional service.

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