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Electrical Panel Upgrade Clearwater, FL – 30+ Years Expertise

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Electrical Panels, Why Upgrade?

No Spare Space for New Breaker.

Often, older electrical panels become full and all the spaces are filled with circuit breakers. When this is happens, you cannot add an additional circuit. If you wanted, for example, to add an above the oven microwave (which requires its very own circuit breaker) this wouldn’t be possible AS-IS. There are many upgrades or items you might want to add which require an additional circuit, from their own circuit breaker.

Here are some more examples of needing an additional circuit:

  • A new plug in a bathroom that could run a modern hair dryer.
  • An outside plug that could run heavy electric lawn equipment, such as chainsaw, lawn mower or even a heavy weed whacker.
  • Add a spa, bathroom heat.
  • Equipment in garage; compressor, welder etc.
  • New circuit to kitchen; Dishwasher, disposal, bread maker etc. Plus, when you remodel or upgrade a kitchen.
  • Pretty much whenever you remodel or add a room addition.

There are many reasons why you want to be able to add a circuit, circuit breaker.

If your electrical panel has no spare space, you are really constricted as to what you can do.

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