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Generator Installation

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Generator Installation

Portable generator, no installation

The simplest form of “generator installation” is no installation. Just put a small generator outside and run some extension cords. This does not require hiring an electrician, electrical contractor. Many people do not like this option.

Portable Generator Installation

The next option is to set up a manual way to put your portable generator outside and run a cord to a temporary panel hookup. . The way I usually like to do this is to put a special set up on the main panel so that the utility power (usual electricity source) and generator cannot deliver power to the panel at the same time (this is often referred to as “interlock”).

This system allows the homeowner to turn individual circuit breakers on and off and manage the electrical power. Yes, this requires both some knowledge of how to deal with gas engines- generator- and an ability to think with math- not use more watts than the generator supplies. And yes you need an electrician, electrical contractor to install this system.

Some other things to know on this are:

  • You need a 120/240 generator.
  • You are likely to want a generator perhaps around 5000 watts. Perhaps a little higher or lower if you know the load you will be using. (This is not a tutorial on how to size a generator.)
  • You will not have enough power to run the central air conditioner. Could run a window A/C.
  • The generator must be run outside, not even in the garage.
  • Montgomery Electrical Services does not buy the generator or cord for the customer.

A third option is to have a large generator constantly on standby, ready to start itself and automatically power your house.

This may require tens of thousands of dollars, scheduled maintenance, and buried fuel. So it would require more than an electrician for this type of system. Montgomery Electrical Services Inc does not offer this generator service.

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