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Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade (7 Practical Tips)

Every homeowner should place the safety and performance of their electrical system as their top priority. The heart of your electrical system, often known as your electrical panel, is vital to preserving the safety of your home. In this article, we'll look at seven clear symptoms that suggest your electrical panel might need to be upgraded. 7 Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade 1. Frequent Breaker Trips: If your circuit breakers regularly trip, it could signal that your electrical panel is overloaded. This can be aggravating and a hint that it requires an upgrade. When breakers trip, it acts as a safety switch, avoiding electrical fires. If this happening…

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Generator Installation

After a Hurricane I Would Like to Run My House on a Generator, Can You Tell Me Anything About This? Temporary Generator Hook Up What are Some Things I Should Know? The simplest way to get some temporary power is to get a small generator and run some extension cords. This does not require hiring an electrician, electrical contractor. Many people do not like this option. A second option is to set up a manual way to put your generator outside and run a cord to a temporary panel hookup. The way I usually like to do this is to put a special set up on the main panel so…

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Electrician taking health precautions, mask and gloves.

Health Precautions

Tips Health Precautions - Electricians and Electrical Contractors .   As an electrician, electrical contractor, I thought to do a short blog on some of the precautions I and my electrical company have been taking for long time . When working around customers I have been wearing my mask, and if I think we will be touching the same things I will also wear gloves. When buying materials, I also wear mask and gloves. Social distancing can provide challenges. Once I said to a customer, “I hate to be rude, but can I ask you to stay 6 feet away.” He had been standing close, thinking that I might need…

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When to Upgrade an Electrical Panel Part 1

Do you have a question about whether to upgrade your main or other electrical panel? In this blog I will give you my view on this question based on over 30 years of experience as an electrician and over 20 years as an electrical contractor. For over 15 years I have often taken pictures when doing a survey for a panel upgrade. I will take these pictures back to office to do planning, engineering and pricing. So that you will have some idea of what I am talking about I will include a few of these pictures as a visual aid.  This is my first blog, I’ll do my best,…

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Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panels, Why Upgrade? No Spare Space for New Breaker. Often, older electrical panels become full and all the spaces are filled with circuit breakers. When this is happens, you cannot add an additional circuit. If you wanted, for example, to add an above the oven microwave (which requires its very own circuit breaker) this wouldn't be possible AS-IS. There are many upgrades or items you might want to add which require an additional circuit, from their own circuit breaker. Here are some more examples of needing an additional circuit: A new plug in a bathroom that could run a modern hair dryer.An outside plug that could run heavy electric…

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Specialty Outdoor Lighting

Dock and Deck Lighting Dock and deck lighting can provide beautiful accent and safety to your home. Steps on a deck can be a trip hazard if not illuminated at night. Low voltage LED rope lighting, on the deck, combines the safety of low voltage and the efficiency of LED. Stumbling around a dock in the dark is not a good idea. Lighting on docks add both safety and aesthetics to your waterfront home. Other Speciality Outdoor Lighting Outdoor lighting can be used for a combination of reasons; Security, Accent and Beauty. Often to achieve the very best results, a combination of low voltage and high voltage lighting are needed.

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Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Many times, bathrooms were built without bathroom exhaust fans. This seems odd when the benefits are quite obvious: Remove moisture, when there is bath or shower, freshening air, etc. We have seen where an exhaust fan had been vented into the attic, this is not good. An exhaust fan should be vented to the outside. How hard is it to vent an exhaust fan to the outside? That depends on a number of factors. In residential (house) is there an attic? In commercial, is there space above the bathroom to run ducting? How far is to an outside wall? Is there a light nearby, that electrical could be taken from-…

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Speciality Switches

Switches that dim. Outlets that pop out. The adorne collection by Legrand combines the world's most innovative light switches and charging solutions with an array of stylish and custom finishes. From ordinary to extraordinary, inside and out - welcome to a brighter home.

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A Case Study 2

Immediately after hurricane Irma, we received a call from a woman who resides out of State, needing major electrical repair at her local rental property. Chris (of Montgomery Electrical Services Inc.) coordinated the logistics between the owner, tenant and the electrical inspector to make sure there was a clear line of communication. The job was finished for the price specified, passed inspection and was completed days ahead of the stated schedule. After completion Chris followed up with Duke Energy to get the power turned back on, the same day making sure both the tenant and client were happy.

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A Case Study #1

A client purchased a house and immediately upgraded the panel from an old Zinsco 200amp to a brand new 200amp panel. Montgomery Electrical Services Inc; surveyed, designed, pulled permit(s) and completed the panel upgrade. We met the inspector, and passed inspection. When the house was sold just a few years later it sold for over $50,000 more. We believe this was in large due to upgrading the electrical panel.

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