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Planning and scheduling are very important.

Are you thinking of doing a remodel?

There are many types of remodels you may need an electrician, electrical contractor for.

The following is about kitchen remodels, but other remodels would need similar planning etc. with an electrician or electrical contractor.       

Electrical plans to be done by an electrician, electrical contractor.
Kitchen electrical plans.

Kitchen remodel and planning/scheduling.

When doing a kitchen remodel, it is important to do things in the proper sequence. For example, you would not put in the new cabinets and then have your electrician, electrical contractor, try to put in extra plugs, under cabinet lighting, etc. 

If you are replacing the existing counters and cabinets, the time to have the electrical done is before the new cabinets are put in. This way any new wiring can be put in place behind where the cabinets had been. Your electrician, electrical contractor may also need to open the wall to do this.

I have seen, several times, the homeowner calls in an electrician after new cabinets and counter tops have been put in. There is often very little that can be done without removing the new cabinets.

The best time for planning is before demo (taking out cabinets, opening wall etc.).  National Electrical Code requires plugs to be spaced at specific distances. If the countertop space is changing, it is very likely it will be required to have your electrician put in new plugs. The code also requires a minimum number of circuits, from the main panel. This may also change depending on the changes of the new kitchen remodel design.

Talk this over with your electrical contractor ahead of time. Work together so that everything turns out great.

Electrical kitchen remodel
Homeowner, General Contractor, Electrical Contractor all working together.

If you are in Clearwater Florida or anywhere in Pinellas County, give us a call, we will try to help with planning and scheduling well ahead of time.

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