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Selecting Your Ceiling Fan

Choose which fan for your electrician to install.
Many ceiling fans to choose from.

Much like selecting your clothes, you are likely the best person to choose which ceiling fan is best for you, in terms of color and style. In most cases you don’t want your electrician, electrical contractor making this choose for you.

Possibly the best way to choose a ceiling fan is to look at many fans till you find the one you like the best. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have pretty good stock of ceiling fans to choose from. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, you could try online. But remember it is often far more difficult to return items bought online.


If you live in Florida, you probably already know the benefits of ceiling fans.

I often hear how people can save on their electrical bill by turning the thermostat a little higher (warmer). A ceiling fan can make it fell a little cooler than it is.

My wife has pointed out that with good air circulation there is less problem with mildew or mold.


Existing Fan Location

If you already have an existing ceiling fan rated electrical box in the ceiling, installation is usually straight forward for an electrician.

Existing Light Location

If there is an electrical box for a light but not specifically rated for a ceiling fan, installation is often more involved for your electrical, electrical contractor. Often requiring the ceiling box to be changed out for a fan rating ceiling box. In some circumstances changing out the ceiling box can take as little as a half hour; this is best case.

Often it is more difficult for your electrician to change out the ceiling box to a ceiling fan box. This could be because there are multiple cables coming into the box (being used as a junction box), this is common.

Also, the size and depth of the existing box and how it is attached to wood studs are factors in how much work it will be for an electrician, electrical contractor. And, whether ceiling patching will be required.

New Light and Fan Location

In the situation that there was never a light in the ceiling (common in Clearwater and Pinellas County), in addition to a ceiling fan box, wiring will need to added, by your electrician, electrical contractor.

No Attic

No attic space above the desired fan location often means that it not practical to add a fan. Though sometimes a customer finds it acceptable to use a type of conduit that is installed on the surface of the wall and ceiling. This is called wiremold and is very visible and therefore some people do not find it acceptable.

Swag Kit for Installation by electrician, elctrical contractor
Swag Kit

Another possibility is a “swag.” A swag is where the electrician puts in a thin ceiling fan box in the ceiling but does not run wires to it. The wires are woven between chain that “swags” along the ceiling then down a wall to an existing plug. This requires the electrician to use a swag kit.




If you are adding ceiling fans in ceilings where there is no existing ceiling box, but there is accessible attic space, you will need your electrician to add wiring. The electrician or electrical contractor will need to determine where to get power from and whether this circuit is already AFCI (special fire safety device required by code).


When adding a ceiling fan in a new location you will need to decide if you want a wall switch, use only the pull chains on the ceiling fan, or use a remote control for the fan. Go over this with you electrician, electrical contractor before starting the project. I see this question on how to switch the fan, sometimes overlooked.

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